Smithsonian Engagement Calendar 2023

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This week-at-a-glance calendar illustrates the beauty and magnitude of the Smithsonian's collections. Featuring 55 stunning full-color images, wire binding, and a weekly format with room to write in appointments, birthdays, tasks, and other notes.

The Smithsonian Engagement Calendar 2023 features full-color photographs of the splendors offered by the Smithsonian's nineteen museums, the National Zoological Park, and Smithsonian research centers. Each week as you plan your schedule, you can read and learn about an incredible object from the Smithsonian's vast holdings.

Whether you need to keep track of work deadlines or your family's hectic schedule, this personal calendar offers convenient space for note taking and is perfect for on-the-go life. But what sets it apart from other calendars is its diversity of imagery--from American landscapes and African sculptures to magnificent wildlife and dazzling gems, there's something here for everyone! The calendar also features information, phone numbers, and web addresses for all the Smithsonian museums and research centers.

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Smithsonian Institution
SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION is the largest museum complex in the world. Smithsonian American Women features objects from 16 Smithsonian museums and archives and text by 95 curators with expertise in a variety of fields.

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