Anthropology Explored: The Best of Smithsonian AnthroNotes, Second Edition

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This new edition offers a variety of clearly written and readily accessible articles from the Smithsonian’s highly acclaimed, award-winning publication AnthroNotes. Some of the world's leading anthropologists explore fundamental questions humans ask about themselves as individuals, as societies, and as a species. The articles reveal the richness and breadth of anthropology, covering not only the fundamental subjects but also the changing perspectives of anthropologists over the 150-year history of their field. Illustrated with original cartoons by anthropoligst Robert L. Humphrey, Anthropology Explored opens up to lay readers, teachers, and students a discipline as varied and fascinating as the cultures it observes.

Author Information

Ruth Osterweis Selig, Marilyn R. London, P. Ann Kaupp, and Robert L. Humphrey
RUTH OSTERWEIS SELIG is the executive officer for programs for the Smithsonian's office of the provost and has been the editor of AnthroNotes since its inception. MARILYN R. LONDON is the forensic anthropology consultant for Rhode Island's State Office of Medical Examiners and a research collaborator in the Smithsonian's department of anthropology. P. ANN KAUPP is managing editor of AnthroNotes. ROBERT L. HUMPHREY is a professor of anthropology at George Washington University and has been the illustrator of AnthroNotes for twenty years.

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