Pueblo Bonito: Center of the Chacoan World

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Pueblo Bonito is the largest and most famous ruin in New Mexico's Chaco Culture National Historical Park. Built by the ancestral Puebloan people some 1,000 years ago, the ruin testifies to one of the oldest and most complex societies ever discovered in North America. Study of the large corpus of data continues to generate new ideas about the people who lived their and their way of life.

This extensively illustrated volume commemorates the recent centennial of the first large-scale excavations at Pueblo Bonito, with leading experts writing on various aspects of the site, including its setting, construction sequence and labor requirements, possible astronomical orientations and related rituals, and burials. The book probes deeply for answers to these and other perplexing questions about Pueblo Bonito and its people.

Author Information

Jill E. Neitzel
Jill E. Neitzel is a lecturer in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Delaware. She is the editor of Great Towns and Regional Polities in the Prehistoric American Southwest and Southeast.

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