How to Live in Space: Everything You Need to Know for the Not-So-Distant Future

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An amusing and informative illustrated guide to life beyond our own planet that covers everything from training for and living in space to the future of space travel and tourism

Now that suborbital space tourism is predicted to become a billion-dollar industry in the next ten years and NASA has announced its plans for landing humans on Mars in the 2030s, the dream of traveling and living in space is taking on new reality. But given that life on Earth can be complicated enough, how can we survive and thrive in the zero-gravity, absolute-zero far reaches of space? Look no further: How to Live in Space is chock-full of all the essential information you need to equip yourself for life beyond our blue planet.

Grounded in space science, planetary biology, and rocket science, this accessible guide propels readers through takeoff, life in orbit, terraforming, and the long-term effects of space on the human body. Infographics and full-color illustrations help How to Live in Space to answer your burning questions, including: How do you sleep in microgravity? How do you grow food without water? Will your muscles waste away out there? How do you protect yourself from radiation? This is a light-hearted yet informative guide to a life far from terra firma.

Author Information

Colin Stuart
COLIN STUART is a fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and a presenter at the Royal Observatory Greenwich. He has written for the Guardian, New Scientist, Physics World, and the European Space Agency. In 2014, he was runner-up for the European Astronomy Journalism Prize.

Review Quotes

For every expected topic—such as how to use a microgravity toilet—Stuart offers another that’s less predictable, like space law. Suitable for space-happy tweens as well as nonscientist adults, Stuart’s captivating handbook has something to amaze and entertain every reader.
—Publishers Weekly
With the February 2018 launch of his SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket, featuring a helmeted “Starman”perched in a Mars-bound sports car, Tesla inventor Elon Musk signaled the beginning of a new era in space travel. Rivaling billionaire Richard Branson and his Virgin Galactic company, Musk envisions a thriving space-tourism industry, untethered from NASA’s purse strings, sending thrill-seekers into Earth orbit and beyond. Targeting audiences already queuing up to buy tickets for these off-world adventures, journalist and Royal Astronomical Society fellow Stuart offers an engaging and colorfully illustrated guide to prepping for life in space. In three information-packed sections, Stuart covers the basic training needed to survive a rocket-propelled launch, the nuances of gravity-free living, and a preview of humankind’s future on the Moon and Mars. Along the way, he takes readers on a trip aboard the “vomit comet,” a plane designed to acclimate prospective astronauts to weightlessness; deconstructs lunar toilets; and extols the benefits of asteroid mining, among other fascinating tidbits. An exhilarating virtual ride for space buffs everywhere.

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