The Smithsonian Book of Air & Space Trivia

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Who was the first person to dine in space? How long was the Wright brothers's first successful flight? What famous aircraft was named after a grape-flavored soft drink? What toy based on an animated film accompanied astronauts on a shuttle mission in 2000? These questions and many more are answered in The Smithsonian Book of Air & Space Trivia. In addition to the canon of space and aviation information, the pages are illustrated with more than 125 objects from the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum's collections.

Author Information

Smithsonian Institution and Amy Pastan
SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION is the largest museum complex in the world, and its National Museum of American History has nearly five million visits annually. AMY PASTAN is a Washington, DC-based author, editor, and photo researcher. A former staff editor at the Smithsonian Institution, she currently writes and produces books for both adults and children.

Review Quotes

A perfect gift for the space geek in one's life, this brief but packed collection will offer surprises even to those knowledgeable about early aircraft and space travel. Obscure factoids abound; for instance, the toy Buzz Lightyear really did fly—he was taken on a 2008 Space Shuttle Discovery mission to the International Space Station. Topics range from the Apollo space missions to pioneer figures in aviation like the Wright Brothers, and the book tests knowledge of such details as the names of all the space shuttles as well as the first military airplane and first money-making passenger plane. The information on women in aviation is extensive, including the fact that the first air attendant originally applied to be a pilot. And, of course, the Smithsonian addresses the oft-asked question, "How do astronauts go to the bathroom in space?," complete with a picture of space diapers. With numerous photos, especially of various aircraft, this is something that should appeal to all ages and backgrounds.
—Publishers Weekly
The book is perfect for teachers who want to hook their students’ interest, baby boomers who grew up in awe of space travel, kids and teens energized by trivia, and anyone who’s enthralled by the people and science behind humanity’s life in flight. It reads a bit like a friendly encyclopedia, and it’s a perfect diving-off point for further research. The Smithsonian Book of Air & Space Trivia is a fun read for everyone who’s curious about all things airborne.
—ForeWord Reviews

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