A History of Plants in Fifty Fossils

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Product Description

An illustrated history of plants presented through the stories of 50 key fossil discoveries

This is the lively, fully illustrated story of plant life on Earth as revealed through some of the most significant fossil discoveries ever made. Beginning with the origins of plant life in the sea, where photosynthesis first evolved in bacteria, the book traces the evolution of land plants, ferns, conifers and their relatives, and flowering plants. Each fossil is depicted with stunning full-color photography alongside narrative from paleobotanist Paul Kenrick explaining its significance and revealing the story behind its discovery. Interspersed throughout the book are contextual "snapshots" of landscapes and environments at various periods of geological time, focusing on plants and plant-animal interactions. A History of Plants in Fifty Fossils is perfect for anyone interested in plants, fossils, and the stories they tell us about life on Earth.

Author Information

Paul Kenrick
PAUL KENRICK is a paleobotanist and researcher at the Natural History Museum, London. His scientific research focuses on the early evolution of life on land and its broader impact on key Earth systems, palaeoecology, and fossil folklore. He is the author of Fossil Invertebrates.

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