The Last Elephants

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Amazing photographs of elephants accompany narratives from researchers, scientists, and conservationists celebrating elephants and calling for their preservation

African savanna elephants--among the most magnificent and beloved of our fellow mammals--are an extraordinary, social, and intelligent species. The Last Elephants, an homage to these animals and a clarion call for their preservation, is based upon a shocking finding: savanna elephant populations across Africa are being decimated, with two to three murdered every hour for their ivory. Without action, these elephants soon will vanish from our world. They are a species in imminent danger of extinction, and it is up to us to save them.

Featuring more than 250 full-color photos of the breathtaking animals by some of the world's top wildlife photographers, The Last Elephants was inspired by the devastating results of the continent-wide Great Elephant Census of 2016, undertaken by Elephants without Borders in tandem with the world's most prominent conservation groups. The book joins together the voices and vision of scientists, lawmakers, rangers, conservationists, and on-the-ground researchers to speak out against elephant killings, to close loopholes in international law that allow the ivory trade to continue, and to pay tribute to the thousands who work to protect the animals, including African communities who have elected to preserve and protect their elephant neighbors. Offering both profiles of preservation plans that work and hope for elephants' future, this is a must-read for everyone concerned for the future of one of Earth's most captivating species.

Author Information

Don Pinnock and Colin Bell
DON PINNOCK, a historian, criminologist, and environmental journalist and photographer, has served as the editor of Getaway magazine and is the author of seventeen books. He has won two Mondi Awards for his environmental columns and the City Press Non-Fiction Award and was shortlisted for the European Union Literary Award. COLIN BELL has worked throughout Africa as a bush guide and environmental advocate and is co-owner of Natural Selection Travel.

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